What We’re Reading: 01/31/20


A few highlights from around the web that made it into our feeds this week.

How Bad Will the Coronavirus Outbreak Get? Here Are 6 Key Factors

Now that WHO has declared the coronavirus outbreak a global health emergency, fear has gripped much of the conversation around the spread. While there is still so much we don’t know, researchers are painting a clearer and clearer picture of the pathogen’s behavior and are working to develop better containment strategies. 

This article does a great job answering chief questions about the coronavirus, like how contagious it is, how deadly it is, how long it takes to show symptoms, and how effective the response will be to contain it. The thing to do now is stay informed on recommendations and wash your hands. (From nytimes.com)

When Insurance Won't Cover Drugs, Americans Make 'Tough Choices' About Their Health

No one should have to forgo filling a prescription because it's too expensive. Yet, this article breaks down how nearly half of adults denied drug coverage by their insurers were forced to do just that—go without their medication.

Healthcare plans denying coverage of certain drugs is one part of the problem, and skyrocketing costs are another. Even the cost of generic drugs increases by 15 percent per year on average. This article does a great job explaining the ways in which unmanageable costs create extreme vulnerability in the health of American families. (From npr.org)

Keeping Aging Muscles Fit Is Tied to Better Heart Health Later

A study on muscle mass suggests that the amount of muscle you have as you crest middle-age could indicate how healthy your heart is in the future. While the research doesn’t show that having a lot of muscle directly staves off heart disease, it indicates a strong association. Typically, people with more muscle tend to be more active, and muscles play an important role in our metabolic health as well as in skeletal support. All in all, this article reinforces the importance of staying active. A great reminder to protect our hearts! (From nytimes.com)

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