What We’re Reading: 04/17/20


Continuing to lead with news around COVID-19. Here are a few highlights from the week that we recommend you check out and follow—

Daily COVID-19 Updates from Dr. Craig Smith, Chair of the Department of Surgery

Sticking with what works; the best place to start. Every evening we share Dr. Smith’s daily COVID-19 memos with the public. Look no further to stay up to date on the coronavirus crisis in NYC.

What the Racial Data Show

Racial and socioeconomic factors are playing a role in who is most affected by COVID-19, with a disparate impact on communities of color. In New York City, 75 percent of frontline workers are people of color. Many of which have been working without proper protection, forced to make impossible choices between survival and health risk. The impact of this pandemic goes right to our core, a stark demonstration of American inequality.

“Sometimes racial data tell us something we don’t know. Other times we need racial data to confirm something we already seem to know.” A must-read. (From theatlantic.com)

The Coronavirus Pandemic Peaks in New York Hospitals

If you walked into our hospitals in March and then again in April nothing would appear the same. COVID-19 patients were suddenly much sicker, ICUs burgeoning. It’s a transformation hard to conceive without first-hand knowledge. This article weaves interviews with doctors and nurses on frontlines to illustrate that March/April divide, much of which feels like a blur to those outside the hospital walls. (From newyorker.com)

NYS on PAUSE Extended

Yesterday Governor Cuomo announced that all non-essential workers must continue to work from home and schools will remain closed through May 15th. The New York State website stays up to date with essential details. (From ny.gov)

Now for some related yet unrelated reading to inject a bit of texture into a few moments of your day.

The Media 

A story that drops us into a meadow as the narrator strolls while leaving a voicemail. It explores the ways we use language with deft and vivid poetry, ever capturing moments and messages of one peripatetic self to every other. A brisk and joyful read. (From newyorker.com)

The uplifting tale of these tiny island foxes, nearly wiped out by disaster 

This one is a rebound story about some small and spectacular creatures: the island foxes of Southern California. Leaving you with a delightfully encouraging saga about how science, human dedication, and policy can restore nature. Hang in there. (From nationalgeographic.com)

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