What We’re Reading: 05/08/20


Continuing to lead with news around COVID-19 throughout the pandemic. Here are a few highlights from the week that we recommend you check out—

Daily COVID-19 Updates from Dr. Craig Smith, Chair of the Department of Surgery

Sticking with what works; the best place to start. Every evening we share Dr. Smith’s daily COVID-19 memos with the public. Look no further to stay up to date on the coronavirus crisis in NYC.

Most States That Are Reopening Fail to Meet White House Guidelines 

It’s a scary reality—most of the 30 states reopening have more new cases than they did two weeks ago. The White House guidelines are already loose and nonbinding, yet states left in the hands of their governors are reopening without enough testing or a dropping rate of positive results. Following the lead of an administration who shelved CDC workplace guidelines for reopening as unnecessary and celebrated states who defied guidance measures. Please, listen to the data.  (From nytimes.com)

What the Coronavirus Reveals About American Medicine

This pandemic has exposed critical flaws, old and new, in every area of American medicine. We’re talking top to bottom: supply chain, research, record-keeping, the sharing of information, and the delivery of care itself. Dr. Mukherjee summarizes it so beautifully: “we’ve been overtaught to be overtaut.” A premium has been placed on cost and efficiency, but what about resiliency? 

“Medicine needs to do more than recover; it needs to get better.” A must-read!  (From newyorker.com)

What the Proponents of ‘Natural’ Herd Immunity Don’t Say

What’s herd immunity without a vaccine? Not the solution many think it is. For one, it would mean infecting an entire population and incurring an untold number of deaths. And we still don’t know how long COVID-19 immunity lasts. Most importantly, as this article so clearly illustrates, the virus doesn’t magically disappear when herd immunity is reached; it just slows down. Read and share with your friends. (From nytimes.com)

Now for some poetry...

The End of Poetry 

By Ada Limón 

Line after line to commiserate. Bask in it. We’re all in this together and we all feel “enough.”  (From newyorker.com)

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